All for Good

by Caleb Caldwell

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In the beginning, time began with a bang
As the Father set forth with the plans He had made
Well the Spirit moved quietly over the waves
As the Word, in His power, brought forth time and space

And in a time when time was young, He set fire to the stars
He drew the Pillars of Creation, cause our God, He loves art
Then He looked on it all, and He said, “It is good”
And from the dust He made man and He gave him the world

And the tale it had just begun
He would work all of it for good

Well an angel of God he found it in his heart
To look on His glory but still want more than God
With a flash, he came falling from the heavenly parts
And that serpent led Adam to give in to his wants

But God in His wisdom looked down from His throne
There wasn’t a moment He hadn’t foreknown
So He sent man away from the garden He’d made
But He promised Satan that there’d soon come a day

That His son would be nailed to a cross
And He’d work all of it for good

From Adam to Abram, man had sought every way
To make gods out of things that the real God had made
But when the time came, He made a promise to a man
That he’d father the nation that would lead the world to Him

Well from Joseph to David, son after son
He passed over their sins because soon there would come
A true king of kings, and a true son of man
A God who would die to make it all right again

Then one night a baby was born
He would work all of it for good

The people, so deep, so blind in their sin
They mocked their creator, yelled, “crucify him!”
And the God of every soul, every world, every star
He laid down his life to save their wandering hearts

Well the sun hid its face, it would not light a world
Where its maker hung dead as if Satan had won
But up from the grave, arose Jesus in power
He flew up to his father to wait for the hour

When the groans of the earth would be done
He would work all of it for good

So praise be to God, it was all in His plans
From before the beginning, He looked to the end
And soon all of creation will be free of sin
When this story ends, and the true one begins


released August 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Caleb Caldwell

Singer-Songwriter, producer, and dreamer from Nashville, TN.

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